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Chindi Pasaribu

I am Undergraduate Engineering Management

Hi there, I'm a proud undergraduate of Del Institute of Technology. I have rich experience in product development and have jumped into exciting contests related to business plans and cases. Furthermore, I'm dedicated to investing effort, refining my abilities, and striving for excellence in collaborative endeavors!

<b>Zoé</b> Miller
  • 2 + Years of Experience
  • 5 + Completed competitions
Engineering Management

What I Do

my Services
Product Manager
I'm responsible for overseeing every step of a product's journey, from the idea phase to getting it out into the market. My goal is to make sure the product not only meets what customers want but also helps the business succeed.
Data Analyst
I carefully examining data to uncover valuable insights, spot emerging trends, and identify recurring patterns. These discoveries serve as a foundation for my informed decision-making, assisting businesses in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities effectively.
Business Development
I specialize in recognizing various avenues for expansion, creating valuable strategic collaborations, and broadening my company's influence in the market to amplifying our brand presence and diversifying revenue streams for sustainable growth.
Human Resource Manager
I excel in fostering growth, cultivating a collaborative environment, and managing personnel operations with expertise.
Financial Analyst
Analyzing intricate financial data, I offer valuable insights and guide informed investment decisions, utilizing my expertise in trend identification and risk assessment.
Supply Chain Manager
With adept supply chain management, I optimize processes, minimize costs, and ensure timely product delivery through strategic coordination.

Professional Skills

my Talent

I possess advanced skills in utilizing IBM SPSS for thorough statistical analysis, translating data into actionable insights that inform strategic decisions.


In 3D modeling and engineering design, I combine precision and creativity to craft products that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Graphic Design

I can create good illustrations, typography, photography, or motion graphics with Canva or similar apps.


I specialize in create written material designed to enhance brand visibility and ultimately convince individuals or groups to make a purchase.

Vast Apps

I'm highly proficient with applications like Microsoft Office and Google Suite, enabling me to efficiently handle a wide range of tasks and projects.

Language Variety

I'm fluent in both English and Bahasa, which lets me easily connect and chat with people from various backgrounds in either language.


Certifications & Publications

my Cases
Intermediate Computer Operator

With an Intermediate Computer Operator certification from Kominfo, I'm skilled in computer operations and technology, showcasing my dedication to mastering these skills.

19361381040-43/VSGA/BLSDM.Kominfo/2023 See certification
Office Application

I've achieved an Office Application certification from Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP), highlighting my proficiency in using office software for various tasks.

620903511400560222023 See certification
Certifications & Publications


my Story
Del Institute of Technology
Engineering Management
2019 - 2023

Currently undergoing semester 8 with a GPA of 3.76 / 4.00

Senior High School 1 Tarutung
Tarutung, North Sumatera
2015 - 2018

Activities and societies: Head of the student council school hygiene section and Chemistry Olympiad

Santa Maria Junior High School
Tarutung, North Sumatera
2012 - 2015
(intern) Production Dyeing Printing
Dan Liris Group

Addressing quality issues arising in the printed fabric production of PT Dan Liris's Dyeing Printing Division. These challenges are effectively tackled through the utilization of the FTA (FAULT TREE ANALYSIS) technique along with FMEA (FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS).

(intern) Engineering
Dan Liris Group

Conducted an assessment of issues arising from the excessive use of paste in the Dyeing Printing department of Pt. Dan Liris. Mitigated the problem by optimizing correction factor values, resulting in a 5% reduction in excessive paste consumption. Developed a fabric color calculation form using Microsoft Excel, achieving an 8% reduction in excess paste usage.

Teaching Assistance for The Faculty
Del Institute of Technology
2021 - 2023

Assisted students in Cost Accounting through summaries, practice questions, and weekly tutorials for a group of 12, aiding their exam readiness. Similarly, supported Probability and Statistics students by providing summaries, exercises, and 16 weekly tutorials for a cohort of 42, ensuring their success in exams and assignments.

The Research Team from Merdeka Learns Campus Independence
Del Institute of Technology

Initiated a comprehensive survey centered on tourism in the Toba region, followed by orchestrating a constructive Focus Group Discussion (FGD) that engaged representatives from tourism operators across three districts. Additionally, took on the role of Master of Ceremony (MC) during the FGD, ensuring its smooth progression and active participation.


Honors & awards

my Accomplishments

2nd Runner-up National Start-up Technology Business Competition

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

1st Winner Business Case Competition BREAKSFEST X BBLIONS 2022

Binus University

3rd Winner Agricultural Technology Innovation Competition

Mercy Corps Indonesia

Performance Scholarship for the period 2019/2020

Del Institute of Technology

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Tapanuli, North Sumatra, Indonesia
+62 812 - 6053 - 3048
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